Hello, I'm Dale.
Nice to meet you.

I'm a graphic designer specialising in conceptual artwork and photography, print and branding design & front-end web design living in Brisbane, Australia.

A computer class in high school on HTML kick started my passion for graphics – continuing to studying Graphic Design on scholarship in tertiary college.

In 2009 I flew to Las Vegas to compete in the TopCoder Open – a UX and graphic design contest which I ended up winning that year and went on to compete in 2010/11 as well.

As a creative professional, I've worked on a wide range of clients and projects over my 10+ years in the industry, from large scale industrial shoots to intricate food styling and design – grand billboard advertisements to the tiniest detail on a website. I am always looking to expand my digital skills, maintaining a keen interest in all aspects of creative industries; including video, audio, animation & motion.

Music is a big part of my personal life and my fantasy job would be breaking out some moves to House/Disco (according to my Soundcloud or Spotify). Despite the ongoing dilemma between exercise or pizza – I enjoy working on fitness in my weekly routine: playing rugby, swimming and heading to the gym. Travel is also a huge motivator in my life – having lived overseas as a teen I was lucky to get the opportunity to travel and explore the world and I hope to never stop.

2006Diploma in Graphic Design (Multimedia & Advertising)
2006–2017Freelance Design & Photography
2007–2009P's in a Pod
Junior Designer
2008Queensland Rail Emerging Artists Competition Winner
2009TopCoder Open Studio Champion
2011–2014KD Public Relations
In-house Designer